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Yoga Strap 10' (Cinch)

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Rolling Sands

    Yoga Strap : 10 Foot Long, Cotton with Plastic Cinch Buckle 

    We love yoga straps for their many benefits during yoga practice and difficult stretches.  You'll find this longer length strap will accommodate anyone, (especially taller people) in need of a little extra length in their strap in a greater variety of poses.

    These extra long yoga straps are made from 100% cotton and are very comfortable and durable. The non-slip plastic cinch buckles will quickly make a secure loop to use in your pose or stretch.

    These extra long yoga straps are designed to provide optimal support while stretching in yoga.  It takes a lot of time, practice and patience with your body to get the type of flexibility you may be seeking for a specific pose. A yoga strap is a perfect yoga accessory to assist you with the stretching process in a natural way. Your body will feel secure, yet challenged without pushing your muscles over the edge during a difficult yoga stretch.

    This extra long yoga strap is great for beginners and even advanced yoga users as well. You will be able to pull yourself closer to the floor and deepen your stretches further than you thought possible. Yoga straps are becoming more common as people realize their many benefits.

    Straps with a cinch buckle tend to be lighter in weight than the D-ring yoga straps.  Also, the plastic cinch buckle is more quiet when using your strap as compared to the metal rings of the D-Ring strap.

    These 10 foot yoga straps are also an affordable option for yoga studios who would like to buy yoga straps at wholesale prices.  A tip to consider:  buy different lengths in different colors to make sorting and choosing simple and easy!

    Product Features

    • Strap Measures: 10’ L x 1.5” W
    • Made of 100% cotton
    • Plastic cinch buckle
    • Benefits: comfortable and durable, lightweight, extra long length assists with taller people and is a great option for men
    • Available Colors: Blue and Black

    Wash & Care Instructions

    Hand wash and hang to dry

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