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Which thickness should I choose when selecting a Yoga Mat?

Choosing the Right Yoga Mat Thickness

While Yoga Mats are meant to support, cushion and protect your body, many factors such as where you practice and what kind of practice you do can help you choose the right yoga mat thickness for your specific needs. 

Yoga Mats vary in length, material and thickness. Although there is not a specific rule on deciding which thickness you should use, there are a few things to consider. 

Where  do  you  practice?

Hardwood floors, tile, carpet... The surface you will be practicing on most often will help you determine the level of thickness that is necessary for your needed support. For example, if you are at home practicing on a thick carpet, you might not need a thicker mat to support your joints.  Consider the importance of finding a mat that not only cushions, but also enables you to still maintain a connection with the floor so you feel stable while doing your poses.


  • While doing balance poses, it is nice to have a firm connection with the ground. Too much cushion will make these poses more difficult.
  • If you'll be on hard surfaces, some extra cushioning might help to protect your ankles and knees in certain poses, as well as insulate you from the cold flooring.
  • Will you be traveling with your mat? Thicker mats have more bulk and weight.

Practice  on  Harder  Surfaces?

You may benefit from choosing a thicker mat to provide comforting cushion.  You may want to consider our thickest mat the Eco-Friendly Jade Fushion Yoga Mat, or a Manduka Pro, or go all natural with a cotton Yoga Mat Rug (such as our Yoga Shama Rug). 


Practice  on  Softer  Surfaces? 

You may want to consider a traditional yoga mat with the standard 1/8 inch thickness for the greatest degree of stickiness to the floor if you plan to practice on a carpet surface or on grass.

Secure  Grip

Be sure to also find a yoga mat that provides a secure grip for both your hands and feet during your yoga practice and routine. It's important to find a yoga mat that does not slide around on the floor and offers you a steady surface. We have many non-slip yoga mats to choose from. If you live locally in Colorado, you are welcome to stop by and try out any of our yoga mats in the store before you buy. 


Be aware that the thicker your yoga mat is, the heavier it is to carry.  The materials mats are made with can affect the weight as well.  Think about how often you pack up and travel with your yoga mat. We offer several lightweight travel yoga mats if you prefer super light and packable.  Or, if you still need a thick mat, consider how you will carry that mat.  We have lightweight durable yoga mat slings and harnesses for the thicker yoga mats to carry around, or you might want to think of distributing the weight on both shoulders with a yoga mat backpack


Tips:  The 1/8" thick mats are lightweight so they are great for portability and also for those individuals who wish to be closer to the ground. The 1/4" adds cushioning to protect ankles, knees, and other sensitive bones for a more comfortable practice. The 5/16" provides extra cushioning to protect the spine during floor workouts. These mats are good for pilates and core workout routines, in addition to yoga. Hopefully, this information will help you choose the right yoga mat for your practice.

Visit our Yoga Mats page to view our entire selection of yoga mats. We offer a "quick search" so you can narrow down your search by desired length, thickness, or width. Yoga Kits are also available if you are looking to buy props with your new mat.

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