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How to Choose a Yoga Towel

What makes Yoga Towels different from one another?

Many yoga towels are made from super absorbent microfiber, which is why they are so great to use during a hot yoga practice.  They absorb the sweat that would otherwise puddle on your mat creating a very slippery situation.  Some towels have a rubber or silicone layer or dots on one side to make them more slip-resistant from the beginning of your practice, but since microfiber doesn't become grippy until after it's wet, it is recommended to spritz your towel with water before you get started either way.

So outside of the nubs or rubber-like texture on some towels, size is the biggest difference from yoga towel to yoga towel.

Here's a quick size comparison of the towels we sell:

  • Lotus Hand Towel:  20"x30"
  • YogiToes Skidless:  24"x68"
  • Lotus Towel: 24"x68"
  • J/Fit Microfiber:  24"x68"
  • Jade Microfiber:  24"x72"
  • eQua Towel:  26.5"x 72"
  • eQua Long:  26.5"x79"
  • YogiToes Big Skidless: 25"x80"
  • eQua Extra-Long:  26.5"x86"

When purchasing a new yoga towel, consider how much coverage you need. 

  • Do you just have sweaty feet or hand, when a yoga hand towel would be enough? 
  • Or, do you want full mat coverage to catch the sweat that drips off your entire body during a hot and active practice?

If you want a mat-size towel, than try to match a towel to the size of your mat for true full-coverage during your practice.


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