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Last Day for Retail Store

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I can't believe the final day is here.  Thursday, March 30th, will be the last day that Rolling Sands Yoga Boutique and Fitness Store will be open.  It's your last chance to pick up some of the remaining items!  

Yoga Paws, WAGS gloves, Verve yoga pants, yoga straps, Sole Solution for detoxing and balancing, greeting cards, keychains, home decor, wood stickers, chrome stickers and car logos, just to name a few of the items that you can still grab before it's too late!

And we still have display and fixture items as well - pant hangers, glass shelves, jewelry holders, slatwall accessories, a clothing rack, two desks and chairs, and other items for use at home, office, or in a retail store.  Call for an appointment for these items if you can't stop in tomorrow - but you must come by before Sunday.  Our store phone number is 303.422.1452.

We will miss you.  It has been a true blessing serving you over the last six years.  We've had the best customers!  Thank you.

We will continue our online presence.  For the immediate time being, you can find Mexican blankets, BPA-free water bottles, Sequana Muscle & Joint Oil, Exercise Mats, plus some other items.  

Follow us to see what other items will be available in the near future.  Sign-up for our newsletter and/or follow us on Facebook to keep in touch.


Diane & Andy and the entire staff at Rolling Sands


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