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Yoga Blocks: Weighing In

Yoga Blocks Vary in Weight

Yoga Blocks are made with a variety of materials: foam, cork, bamboo, and more. The newest yoga block material on the market is balsa wood. How much these blocks weigh may not be important to everyone but, for those who carry their props to different locations, it may.

Many block materials are touted as "lightweight". But how much do they weigh, and how do they compare to others? That's what we wanted to answer for you here.

The following weights listed are for one block - actual weights may vary slightly between manufacturers. We just wanted to give you a comparison of product material weights.

Here's a list of blocks by weight:

  • Foam Block (3x6x9): 4.1 oz
  • Foam Block (4x6x9): 4.8 oz
  • Balsa Wood - Superlight (2.75x5.25x8.75): 7.3 oz
  • Bamboo Block (3x6x9): 12.8 oz
  • Balsa Wood - Superlight Large (4x6x10):  14.4 oz
  • Balsa Wood - Stability (2.75x5.25x8.75): 17.2 oz
  • Recycled Foam Urban Block (4x6x9): 20.4oz
  • Bamboo Block (4x6x9):  23oz approx
  • Cork Block (3x6x9): 27.1 oz
  • Cork Block (4x6x9):  27.7 oz

There are other block materials on the market, so we may add to this information in the future for your knowledge.

Is one better than another? No. You just need to consider what your personal preferences are.

  • Do you want lightweight so you can carry or maneuver blocks easier?
  • Do you want a heavier weight because you feel more stability when using one with more substance?
  • Do you like the softness of the foam/cork/balsa or the firmness of bamboo?
  • Do you want a yoga block made from a sustainable, environmentally-friendly resource?

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