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Why should I buy a Cork Yoga Block?

The Benefits of Cork Yoga Blocks

Cork is a renewable, sustainable material. There are no toxic chemicals in the harvesting or manufacturing process. It is harvested from the bark of Cork Oak. The bark naturally splits every 9 - 15 years and is harvested without harming the tree.

A Cork Yoga Block (also known as a cork yoga brick), or a Cork Yoga Wedge, will safely biodegrade by nature when it eventually must be retired.

A Cork Yoga Block or Wedge offers a soft texture that is easy to grip and slip-resistant - similar to that of a foam block. Cork blocks are firmer than foam blocks. The drawback to the foam blocks is that they are chemically-made and can emit an odor when they are new (some people are more sensitive to these odors). Cork blocks are perfect for those who want an eco-friendly product.

To clean your cork yoga props: Always follow manufacturer's directions on cleaning any of your yoga props. Generally, however, you can spot clean your yoga blocks or wedges with mild detergent and then allow to air dry. ,p>When choosing yoga blocks, you may also want to look for blocks that have beveled edges. The beveled edges make it softer on the hands when gripping and also on your back when in support poses.

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