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Which shape Yoga Bolster should I choose?

Round or Rectangle - Which Shape Yoga Bolster is Right for You?

Choosing the shape of your bolster, as with many other decisions, boils down to personal preference. Let's start with the differences between the two styles:

Rectangular Bolsters

  • the flat surface is ideal for poses requiring stable support - such as in Viparita Karani
  • rectangle bolsters tend to be about 6" in height
  • the lower height will allow you to fold further into forward bends

Round Bolsters

  • tend to be a bit larger with a height of 10"
  • the taller height provides greater support for those who find forward bends challenging
  • the larger diameter and the round shape will tend to open up the chest more when the bolster is placed under the spine

But either shape bolster will provide support and stability and can be used in the variety of poses interchangeably. If you have the opportunity to try both at your local yoga studio, please do so. Use both in the variety of poses to see whether you are more interested in the stability of the rectangular bolster or the greater expansion you may get from the round, and so on. Keep in mind which poses you believe you will want to be incorporating into your home practice as well.

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