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What size Yoga Block should I buy?

blockheights.jpgChoosing the Right Size Yoga Block 

You may wonder how using Yoga Blocks can benefit your practice. Yoga blocks (or yoga bricks) can be used as props in poses where tightness or unsteadiness may prevent you from reaching the floor.  Yoga blocks are also used in some reclining and restorative poses for extra support.

Some Things to Consider

First, you'll need to consider a few things to help you decide which Yoga Block size is best for you. Yoga blocks are offered in several dimensions and the most common are 3" L x 6" W x 9"H or 4" L x 6" W x 9" H.  

Hand Size:  An important point to think about is how big or how small your hands are.  For example, if you have small hands you may be better off with a pair of 3″ yoga blocks. 


Uses:  Another important thing for you to determine is the purpose of using a yoga block. Are you needing additional support for stretches, practicing restorative yoga, or working on balance with advanced yoga poses?  Do you want the block to be a soft texture and slightly-giving such as a light EVA foam block, or extra-firm and heavy such as a cork block.  Yoga Blocks can be a very versatile yoga prop that can be used in many ways in many poses.

yoga-block.jpg wood-block-rolling-sands-.jpg

Weight:  Considering your yoga block's weight is just as important as size.  Yoga blocks vary significantly in weight which can affect where you practice if you need to carry your props with you. Weight usually gives you an idea of the density and the firmness of a yoga block. 

Foam yoga blocks usually weigh anywhere between 3oz and 12oz

Cork yoga blocks usually weigh between 1lb and 2lbs

Wood and Bamboo yoga blocks vary quite a lot as they are often hollow but wood and bamboo yoga blocks generally weigh between 1.5 to 2.5 lbs. 

Test Your Current Flexibility:  If you fold forward into Uttanasana (forward bend), and you are not very comfortable or you can't touch the ground, you may want a block that offers support at 9", 6", and again at 4" from the ground. If you are more flexible and doing Uttanasana is comfortable and you can rest your hands on the floor, you might prefer support at 9", 5", and then at 3". 


Test Your Current Stability in Balance Poses:  If you feel shaky in balancing poses like Half Moon, you may want a wider 4" yoga block which will offer you more stability until you build up the muscle strength, openness and alignment necessary for this pose.


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