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What is Kapok?

Kapok is an all-natural fiber pulled from the seed pods of the kapok tree. A sustainable, completely natural and pesticide-free product sourced from South Pacific growers, Kapok is resilient, lightweight and water resistant, which means it also resists mold.

Kapok is also naturally hypo-allergenic: After harvest, our kapok is spun at a high rate of speed & air cleaned, leaving virtually no dust or pod debris. This makes kapok stuffing an excellent choice for environmentally sensitive individuals.

The drawback to kapok is that it is a natural buoyant hollow fiber. It is so light and fine that the fiber floats in the air and can make a mess when refilling pillows and cushions. It is advised to refill outside or in a space that is easy to clean. This may be necessary when you wish to wash the cushion/pillow cover.


Meditation Cushions filled with Kapok are lighter in weight than those filled with Buckwheat Hulls.  But, as mentioned above, removing the Kapok fill for washing the cushion cover can be a little more work.


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