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Properly Inflating your new Stability Ball / Yoga Ball

Instructions on inflating your Natural Fitness Yoga Ball:

Inflating your new stability / yoga ball takes a little extra time the first time you inflate it. If you are finding that the stability ball is not reaching its recommended size, please follow these instructions:

  • Remove the ball from the box and bag, lay flat on the ground
  • Using your fingers, carefully remove the plug.  This plug may have an indentation that resembles a hole to insert the pump into but this is not an air hole, the entire white piece must be removed.
  • Inflate the ball to approximately 80% of the recommended size (reference the cm to inch conversion table below for fully inflated diameters).  When using the included Fast Pump, just insert the pump nozzle into the hole (no attachments necessary).
  • Put one of the flat-headed plugs in the ball and let sit for 24 hours*
  • After the 24-hour resting period*, remove the flat-headed plug and continue to inflate the ball to the correct size
  • Put the flat-headed plug back into the ball again and you are ready to use your new ball
  • Never inflate your Exercise Ball greater than the labeled inflation size

Centimeter-to-Inch Conversion Table: (as provided by Natural Fitness)

  • 55cm - 21.7 inches
  • 65cm - 25.6 inches
  • 75cm - 29.5 inches


*Note: The Professional balls by Natural Fitness may take several days to fully inflate.  Please be patient.  Fill it to the 80% on the first day, wait 24 hours to fill with more air, wait another 24 hours to fill some more, and so on until the ball reaches its proper height.  We are finding that the professional grade balls take several days to properly fill and may be due to the thicker burst-resistant eco-friendly vinyl that these balls are made with.

 **Note:  Natural Fitness' instructions in the box reference a 'tape measure' to use for measuring the diameter of the ball during inflation.  No tape measure is included in their packaging. 


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