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About Us

Meet the owners, Andy and Diane Thomas

Andrew and Diane Thomas

Rolling Sands is a family owned U.S. supplier of high quality Yoga, Fitness, Pilates, Meditation, Muscle Massage products with a focus on USA-made and/or eco-friendly items. 

We are not a big corporation or franchise where your business is just a statistic for a sales report. We are regular people making a living with a passion for what we do, as such, we strive to accommodate all budget levels by offering different brands and varieties of products to meet the needs and expectations of everyone.

What advantages can we offer you?

  • Individual service to get you the right product for your needs. If you need assistance, you can always talk to the same person, if you choose.
  • Highly competitive prices on a wide variety of items, both brand names and generic.
  • Emphasis on products that are environmentally friendly, handmade and made in the USA.
  • We are upfront about shipping charges, if any, and we will never hide any charges like some other sites. We hate that too.

How can we give great prices and service?

Our entire team at Rolling Sands is knowledgeable and dedicated to bringing you great products at great prices to help bring some peace, relief, well-being, and relaxation into your life.  We search for those perfect products at the best prices, and we listen to our customers.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us, 1-800-899-6851 during our office hours or send us an email at info@RollingSandsHarmony.com.

We sincerely appreciate you visiting our site and hope you find everything you are searching for, and more, in our store.

Contact Us

By Email: info@rollingsandsharmony.com  

Phone: 1-800-899-6851

Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm


Under our Shipping and Returns tab, you can review our 100% Product Guarantee, our Shipping Policy, and our Returns Policy.

Under our Privacy & Security tab, you can review our Privacy Policies.

Stay Informed

We want our customers to know how to use the products we sell. In our How-To User Guides, you will find many "How-To" articles and videos to learn how to use the myriad of products available. You'll see on the right hand side of the blog that each post is 'tagged' by a product type so you can easily find exercises specific to the product you are interested in. You'll find lots of different articles for Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness. We hope you find some fun, new ways to use your new item since many of these items have a variety of uses.

On our FAQs page, we have expanded our answers to the frequently asked questions and offer not only articles, but video tutorials as well.

You can also choose to follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We are currently using these outlets as ways to announce new products or other store news and sales, or to share interesting product news and articles.

If you like to see pictures, follow us on Pinterest or Instagram to see pictures of our in-store items or learn new workouts or yoga poses to use with props.

We also offer an e-newsletter to help you stay informed for those who prefer emailed information on products, sales, and company information.

We Care - Our Green Policy

recycle-earth-hands125.jpgWe care about our earth and our natural resources. Not only do we seek out and offer products that are manufactured with non-toxic materials or are made from sustainable, renewable resources, but we also like to operate the company in a sustainable fashion. 



  • We purchase unclaimed or recycled boxes to reduce cardboard headed to our landfills.
  • recycle-rrrbox125.jpgWe reuse boxes whenever possible to minimize costs and reduce our need for natural resources.
  • We try to reduce packaging materials and use recycled packaging materials whenever possible to reduce waste.
  • Our green efforts are performed with our customers in mind - only clean and durable materials are reused.
  • We purchase recycled copy paper to protect our natural resources.







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