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Yoga Monster Mat

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Bean Products

    Eco-Friendly Monster Yoga Mat by Bean Products

    Buy a yoga mat that fits your needs, while considering the environmental impact!

    Some of the benefits of using an eco-yoga mat, such as this Monster yoga mat made by Bean Products,is that it is made of non-toxic materials, PER (Polymer Environmental Resin), which we like to call “clean PVC”.  In addition, this green yoga mat does NOT contain the toxic phthalates, dioxins and furans, phenal or heavy metals of other yoga mats, which is overall better for your health, better for the workers during production, and overall better for our beautiful environment!

    This eco-yoga mat has many perks to your health as well as to the environment, and is perfect for any yoga or Pilates level.  Our Monster eco-yoga mat is low priced, high quality, easy to care for and is considered an outstanding eco-friendly product by most standards. You will also find that this green yoga mat offers a double-sided textured traction surface that increases its overall lifetime!    

    Another benefit to this Monster yoga mat is that it is longer and thicker than the standard yoga mat. It allows you to have more personal comfort, as it is easier on your joints during practice and gives you the room to explore your limits. It is also a great option for those who physically need a larger yoga mat to accommodate comfortable poses.

    Consider an eco friendly product because it contains less toxic materials during production, has a smaller impact on environmental wastes and is made with natural materials for your overall health. Rolling Sands Harmony offers affordable eco yoga mats, (or “green yoga mats”) by Bean yoga mat products and other top Yoga Brands.


    • Mat measures: 72" L x 24" W x 1/4" Thick
    • Mat Weight: 3 lbs 
    • Material made of environmentally friendly PER
    • Benefits: Yoga mat is low priced, high quality, longer/thicker than standard yoga mats, eco-friendly and is easy to care for.
    • Possible colors include: Black, Blue, Red, Olive Green, Dark Purple. Please use drop-down box for current availability.
    • by Bean Products

    Wash & Care Instructions

    Cleaning and washing your Monster Yoga Mat is easy. Hand wash with cold water and mild soap.  Rinse thoroughly and hang or lay flat and allow to dry completely.  Avoid exposure to direct and indirect sunlight and to excessive heat.

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