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Stability Ball 85cm - Black

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    85cm Stability Yoga Ball  :  Black Color

    Stability balls assist in improving balance, flexibility, strength, and overall conditioning. They are a versatile addition to your yoga practice, pilates routines, or your core workouts.

    The benefit of incorporating an exercise ball into your workouts is that the body has to engage many more muscles in order to remain balanced. This action strengthens those muscles to keep the balance. Stability balls primarily focus on the abdominal and back muscles, but can target the glutes and other muscles active in your specific activity.

    Stability balls are known by many names: stability exercise ball, exercise ball, balance ball, fitness ball, Pilates ball, yoga ball, body ball, Swiss Ball, and others.

    Just a few of the ways to use a Stability Ball:

    • During Pilates routines you can use a ball under your legs to add a balance challenge, put between your feet or hold in your hands to add a leverage challenge.
    • During yoga practice, you can incorporate a yoga ball in backbends, hip openers, or restorative poses.
    • Use during core workouts - such as plank, push ups, sit ups - to increase the challenge and work additional muscles in the same exercise.
    • Use while lifting weights to add instability.

    Great for people of all ages, and all fitness levels.

    Product Features

    • Size: 34" (85cm) for individuals 6'7" and up
    • Can hold up to 600 lbs of dynamic weight
    • Ball color: Black
    • Ribbed texture allows for easy gripping
    • Made from a soft, elastic PVC; and is latex-free
    • Comes with a pump and an exercise guide

    HOW-TO Guides 

    Check out our guides for HOW-TO use Stability Balls  with comprehensive videos, articles and tips on Yoga as a practice.

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