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White Swan

    Includes: One audio CD
    Music Style: Mantras
    Appropriate for: yoga, meditation, relaxation, and more.

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    Track Information
    1.) Lokah Samastah (upbeat version) - 6:51
    2.) Guruji - 5:43
    3.) Pashupati - 12:31
    4.) Govinda Fly - 7:51
    5.) Hare Krishna - 14:22
    6.) Lokah Samastah (slow version) - 11:11
    7.) Om Shantih - 8:48
    8.) Lokah Samastah (happy & free mix) - 4:03
    Total Time - 71:23

    Sharon Gannon offers traditional Sanskrit mantras with electronic yoga beats and yoga dance music in the CD Sharanam.

    Sharon Gannon, co-founder of the Jivamukti Yoga Method, offers a personal and loving rendition of these timeless mantras. Sharanam translates from Sanskrit as "refuge." Graced with seductive rhythms, tasteful electronic treatments and Gannon's soulful, impassioned voice, these chants will surely lead you to the sanctuary of your heart. Produced by Ferenz Kallos.

    'When singing holy mantras, we enter into a safe place. Chanting, like a wise old tree in the middle of the forest, provides a haven, a refuge where we can enter our own hearts, taking shelter from the storms of our ego. When we emerge, strengthened, we can act in the world from a place of love and compassion, seeing all beings and things not as 'coming at us' but as coming from us -- phantoms arising from our own past actions. Through this kindheartedness, we perceive all as holy beings, each providing us with infinite opportunities to bestow the blessings of kindness and compassion.'  - Sharon Gannon, 2009

    'Of all human endeavors, music is perhaps closest to representing the world of the spirit. In music we attempt to render into form what is essentially formless, we attempt to describe what is beyond description, to frame silence, to measure infinity. This work has been Sharon's mission not only in her practice of Yoga but also in the practice of music, where she applies the same dedication to the pursuit of the ineffable as she brings to her yoga practice, inspired, daring and essential.' -  Sting


    sharon gannon: vocals
    ferenz kallos: keyboards, drum programming, flute, oboe, bassoon, piano, electric piano, acoustic & electric guitar, hammond organ, bass, gong, vocals, violin
    david life:  vocals, theremin
    fabian alsultany: bass, high techno sound
    noah hoffeld: cello

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