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Round Bolster by Bean

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Bean Products

    Round Yoga Bolster : Made in the USA by Bean Products 

    Designed for a variety of active and restorative yoga positions, our round yoga bolsters firmly support your body for total relaxation and deeper effectiveness. Filled with natural cotton batting around a foam core.

    Useful in prenatal, restorative, and Iyengar or Hatha yoga practices. For More Info about bolster shapes, please refer to our FAQ page:  Round or rectangular bolster - which shape bolster should I choose?

    Yoga Bolsters support your body while enabling you to relax and stretch effectively without strain. They are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways:

    • Use underneath your belly in forward bends to release your stomach muscles.
    • Use under your spine in reclining poses to open your chest and extend your spine.
    • Use under your hips in Viparita Karani (Inverted Lake Posture).
    • Use perpendicular or parallel to your spine, or under your knees in other poses to lengthen your lower back.

    Product Features

    • Round bolster measures 27" L x 9" Diameter 
    • Filled with natural cotton batting around a foam core
    • Removable cotton covers are machine washable
    • Hemp covers also available at a small additional cost
    • Hand made in the USA
    • Manufactured by Bean Products

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