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Pranayama Cushion by Bean

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    Pranayama Cushion  :  A Narrow Bolster

    Pranayama is a breath control practice.  Placing a Pranayama Cushion under the spine opens up the chest and the lungs for better and deeper breathing.  This narrow USA Made cushion helps to roll back the shoulders, open up the chest, broadening the collarbones, and offers a great physical release of tension and tightness in this area of our bodies (especially for those who do a lot of computer or desk work).  Place lengthwise, running the length of your spine and supporting the back of your head for this type of release.

    This small bolster can also be used horizontally across the spine to support the mid back and open up the spine in a gentle back bend.

    Place this cushion under the knees when lying on your back in Savasana for comfort.  Or place under your knees when in a seated Forward Fold to support your gently bended knees offering some relief for tight hamstrings.

    A built-in flap allows for the cotton cover to be removed for washing.

    Product Features

    • Measures 30" L x 6" W x 6" High
    • Cotton batting inside / Available in Hemp or Organic Cotton for additional price
    • Benefits: Cotton cover available in several colors, Removable cotton cover, superior comfort 
    • Hand made in USA
    • by Bean Products

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