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Pilates Ring

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J Fit

    Pilates Ring by J/Fit

    The Pilates Ring by J/Fit offers dual contoured grips on both the inside and the outside of the band.  The outer grips measure approximately 15" apart, while the inside grips are about 11 1/4" apart.  The band of this Pilates Ring is covered in a thick foam tube keeping the entire band soft and comfortable to hold.  The contoured grips are padded with 1/4" thick foam pads to soften your hold.

    Rings designed for Pilates are known by several names: Pilates rings, resistance rings, toning rings, or the original Magic Circle.

    When using a Pilates resistance ring during your floor workout you are able to improve muscle strength faster by targeting specific muscles. Squeezing the ring, or even just holding the ring, activates muscles and adds an additional resistance factor. The versatile Pilates toning ring can help you target inner & outer thighs, arms, chest, back, buttocks and abdominal muscles.  Building the core improves balance and posture.  Tones the entire body while leaving you feeling lean and full of energy.

    Product Features

    • Inside measurement from grip to grip is 11 1/4"
    • Outside diameter of grip to grip of approx. 15"
    • Pilates Ring (Medium) weighs approximately 1 pound
    • Benefits: Cushioned foam tubing surrounds the band, Contoured grips with soft, foam pads
    • by J/Fit

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