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What length Yoga Mat should I buy?

Ever Wonder What Size Yoga Mat You Should Invest In?

Although there is not a specific rule when determining what size or length yoga mat you should use, there are a few things to consider. You may not realize how many different yoga mat options are available or really even know which size yoga mat that works best for you and your practice.

A yoga mat too short leaves your head or your heels awkwardly resting on the floor, it also can prevent you from being able to fully stretch out comfortably or safely in poses. A yoga mat that's too long may mean you'll be hauling extra weight and bulk to practice. So finding the "right" yoga mat for your specific needs and measurements are important! 

The standard length yoga mat is 68" inches, however, yoga mats have evolved to many variations of lengths, widths, thickness and even materials. If you are located in Colorado, you have the ability to visit our store and test each yoga mat out until you find your match! If you are not local, no sweat! You can estimate the appropriate length based on your own height and hip/shouldar width. 

Here are a few things to consider that may make your purchase easier:

  • Test Downward Dog: Your hands and feet should be on the mat in such poses as Downward Dog (see below). This can be tricky if you are taller and need a longer yoga mat, have a wider build and/or prefer a wider yoga mat.  
  • Again, a standard mat is 68-inches-long. If you find your toes hang over the edge in this position, try one at 70" or 73" inches. If you are really tall, an 80 to 85" inch mat should keep you from sliding out of Downward-Facing Dog, even during vigorous flowing Ashtanga practice!


  • Test Corpse Pose: You might also want to consider a mat that is long enough so that when you are lying on the floor your face or head would also be on the mat and not on the bare floor. This could be for several reasons: to keep your head off of a cold floor, for cushioning, or just for personal comfort when in a public studio. This can be an important option to consider, especially when using a yoga mat for Restorative Yoga. 
  • Test Chaturanga: Next time you do a chaturanga, be mindful of where your face is. Does it go over the mat or stay within mat? This may also help you determine if you need a longer yoga mat or if you need to redirect your placement on the mat. 


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