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Organic Rectangular Bolster by Bean

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Bean Products

    Eco-Friendly Rectangular Yoga Bolsters in Organic Cotton  :  by Bean Products

    Designed for a variety of active and restorative yoga positions, our rectangle yoga bolsters firmly support your body for total relaxation and deeper effectiveness.

    Our Organic Yoga Bolster has a 100% organic cotton cover and your choice of fill. Choose between the Conventional Cotton Batting with a standard foam core, or for $20 extra, choose the Organic Cotton Batting with a 100% natural latex inner core.

    Our yoga bolster covers are made from pure 100% organic cotton 10 oz. fabric which are now available in 6 delicious colors that are responsibly and safely dyed to earn the Oeko-Tex textile certification so that you can be assured our fabric is free of heavy metals, chemical pesticides, preservatives, formaldehyde, flame retardants, biocides and allergy-inducing dyestuffs.

    Useful in prenatal, restorative, Ashtanga and Iyengar or Hatha yoga practices.

    Yoga Bolsters support your body while enabling you to relax and stretch effectively without strain. They are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways:

    • Use underneath your belly in forward bends to release your stomach muscles.
    • Use under your spine in reclining poses to open your chest and extend your spine.
    • Use under your hips in Viparita Karani (Inverted Lake Posture).
    • Use perpendicular or parallel to your spine, or under your knees in other poses to lengthen your lower back.

    Product Features

    • Dimensions: 24"W x 6"H x 12"D
    • Removable organic cotton covers are machine washable
    • Choice of fill: regular or organic
    • A variety of colors to choose from. Possible colors include: Avocado Green, Black, Cobalt Blue, Hibiscus Pink, Natural, Navy Blue, Tomato Red. Use drop-down box to check current availability.
    • Handmade in the USA
    • by Bean Products

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