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Muscle Therapy Massage Bar

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    Muscle Recovery  :  Muscle Massage Bar

    The Muscle Therapy Massage Bar allows you to target trigger points (also known as 'knots') and apply pressure with the grooved surface and rolling action so you can work out tension and allow your muscles to function optimally.  In addition, you can stimulate circulation, decrease muscle aches and pains and disperse the effects of lactic acid following activity allowing you to recover faster. Using the Muscle Therapy massage bar regularly can improve flexibility while helping prevent muscle injuries. 

    This deeply ribbed roller provides pulsating massage.  The roller material is firm, yet comfortable.  The handles allow for a solid grip and variable pressure. 

    Great for thighs, calves, hamstrings, IT band and back.

    From end to end, the massage bar measures 23.25".  The rolling massage section is 13" long with two 5" textured soft-grip handles.

    Product Features

    • Measures 23.25" L 
    • Benefits: Rolling section is deeply grooved, Roller material is firm, yet comfortable, Soft, easy-to-grip, textured handles
    • by Rejuvenation

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