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Muscle Knot Relief Balls

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J Fit

    Trigger Point Therapy : Muscle Knot Relief Balls

    Three balls, of varying density, to deeply penetrate into muscles releasing knots or adhesions and tension.  The various densities allow you to maneuver around bones without pinching or irritating nerves like a harder golf ball or lacrosse ball. 

    The yellow ball is the softest, the orange is a medium density, and the red is the firmest.  The three options allow you to slowly increase intensity of the therapy rather than using a tennis, golf, or lacrosse ball wth their fixed firmness.  You can also choose which ball to use on which part of your body.  Use the yellow on the tender neck, or soft spot behind the knee, or a super-sensitive area of yours.  Use the red ball on a meatier part of the body like the glute or an area that is hard and ropy, but not sensitive.  Having three massage balls gives you this flexibility.

    Some of the exercises provided in the packaging also recommend trying two balls at the same time, such as when working on the neck or rolling up the muscles along the spine.

    The smooth texture may feel more comfortable for some people when placing the ball underneath their body with full body weight to help penetrate deep into the trigger points. This might be while releasing the back or even the feet.

    Meant to release stress from many common areas of concern:  Neck, jaw, shoulder, rotator cuff, lower back, hips and knees, calf muscles, and feet.  And more.  Visit our How-To User Guides to learn how to roll out the tension in your feet using these Muscle Knot Relief Balls.

    Product Features

    • Set of 3 balls (low, medium, and high density)
    • Approx. 2.5" Diameter each
    • Made from a special material to specifically target muscle knots
    • Benefits: Great for travel, Includes an instruction sheet, Comes in a resealable plastic tube packaging
    • by J/Fit

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