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Meditation Moment

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    Includes: One audio CD
    Music Style: Guided Meditation
    Appropriate for: meditation sessions, relaxation

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    Track Information
    1.) A New Day
    2.) Breath
    3.) Relaxation
    4.) Perfection
    5.) Healing
    6.) Attraction
    12.) Relationships
    18.) Forgiveness
    24.) Intention
    30.) Miracles
    36.) Harmony
    42.) Hope
    48.) Change
    52.) Sleep
    Total Time - 74 minutes

    Meditation Moment allows you to begin your year anytime and focus on a new meditation each week. Choose a principle you want to focus on or listen to the whole album often and let these ideals, affirmations and 'Be Attitudes' reach into your depths and inspire you to be your very best. Even effective while sleeping.

    Dudley Evenson's soothing voice guides you in visualizing your highest self. Dean and Dudley's harp and flute music provides the perfect background.

    Meditation Moment is a collection of 52 short affirmations of profoundly positive principles and ways of becoming your highest self. Each track plays for 1-2 minutes, except for Sleep which is almost 5 minutes long. There are various ways to use Meditation Moment to enhance your inner life. One recommendation is to listen to the whole album beginning an hour or so before you want to fall asleep. The last track "Sleep" is a gentle invitation to fall asleep at the 'appropriate time'. Other recommendations are listed inside the CD cover.

    ERF - Earth Resonance Frequency helps entrain brainwaves to Alpha state.

    Dudley Evenson : voice, harp, tamboura
    Dean Evenson : flute, keyboards, natural sounds

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