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Magic and Grace

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White Swan

    Includes:  One audio CD
    Music Style: Instrumental Music
    Appropriate for: yoga, meditation, relaxation, and more


    Track Information

    1. Twelve Stars - 5:45
    2. Lokesvara - 6:40
    3. Shakti Blue - 8:19
    4. Incantata - 9:59
    5. Kama's Spell - 6:40
    6. Golden - 5:34
    7. Reverie - 11:16
    8. Repose (Sharynam) - 10:48


    Magic and Grace by Philippo Franchini

    Magic and Grace CD by Philippo Franchini offers New Age instrumentals of guitars, cello, keyboards, percussion, gimbre, hammer dulcimer and vocals is music to quickly reduce stress, putting the listener in a state of deep relaxation within seconds.

    "Magic and Grace is truly the best way to describe the richly evocative mood on Philippo Franchini's debut meditative music release. This music reaches into the heart and transforms any moment into a space filled with deep rest and peace. It's as if the each tone is calibrated to speak to the Soul which makes Magic and Grace not only a delightfully satisfying musical experience but a deeply healing one as well!" -David Newman (aka Durga Das)

    "Philippo's lush, haunting, heart opening soundscapes are melodic poems which leave me feeling touched by the Mother. He is a troubadour for magic & grace." -Psalm Isadora

    "A sensual, evocative musical journey to awaken the vibrant shakti and wide open spaces of 'Yes!' within. For the last decade, I have had the honor of working with Philippo and watching his music make magic upon Thousands of students, whether moving them to tears or moving them to their Feet in ecstasy. His music heals, pure and simple. Dive in, take the journey!" -Micheline Berry

    Philippo Franchini is 1/3 yogi, 1/3 rock star, and 1/3 Pied Piper; an “Innertainer” whom audiences love to follow as he creates an atmosphere of “Om Sweet Om” wherever he goes. Philippo is based in Los Angeles, CA. As the musical alchemist, Philippo Franchini not only entertains but is skilled in the art of sound healing. Philippo studied under Dr. John Beaulieu, Ph.D., author of Music and Sound in the Healing Arts, Jonathan Goldman, and Sylvia Nakkach, all noted pioneers in the sound healing field. As a yogi himself, Philippo has combined his knowledge of Nada Yoga, his own experience with decades of meditations, along with his extensive musicianship to create his newest album, Magic and Grace, a collection of compositions written and performed by Philippo and some fine musical collaborators.

    Magic and Grace is music informed by the art and science of tones, intervals and tempo to quickly reduce stress, putting the listener in a state of deep relaxation within seconds….Voila’, musical alchemy! Philippo is not only as a composer/artist of soul-soothing music but also as The Musical Alchemist, a healer, teacher, and facilitator of workshops.

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