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Jute Sport Bag

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    Multi-use jute bags that are designed for the fashionable and environmentally conscious consumer. These bags are made only with the biodegradable fibers of the jute plant. High quality, durable construction.

    The 14" H x 17" W Teg Sport Bag can be used to carry a multitude of items. Great for books, clothes, or anything you can imagine. 15 pound weight limit. Cotton drawstring cord cinches the top of the bag and allows you to wear it as either a backpack to sling it over one shoulder.

    These bags feature enchanting, allegorical prints and one-of-a-kind designs that are as timeless and endearing as the stories they symbolize. Printed with eco-friendly, water-based inks, TUWA products promote your green life.

    Design: KOI FISH

    “Be not afraid of going slowly; only of standing still.”

    Japanese legend states that if a koi fish succeeds in ascending the Dragon Gate falls on the Yellow River it will be transformed into a magnificent dragon. Because of this, koi are recognized as a powerful symbol of perseverance and strength; they epitomize courage and the determination necessary to accomplish lofty goals.


    The TUWA bag line is made out of jute, which is a plant whose cultivation goes back into ancient Asian and African history. The ancient people of these areas used this plant’s natural fibers because the fibers are strong and durable, as well a biodegradable. In more recent times, it has been found to have good insulating and anti-static properties and no skin irritants. The fabric also is an excellent choice as a printed material, since it is a color and light-fast fiber. All these positive qualities have made jute useful in many applications. As a superior alternative to wood fiber, jute has helped reduce deforestation. Although natural jute fibers were used in ancient times because they are strong and durable, in more recent times, jute fabric has also been found to be allergen free. The jute fabric TUWA uses is “food grade”, which is hydrocarbon free, non-toxic and without undesirable odors. Best of all it is biodegradable which reduces the volume of waste in our landfills

    Product Features

    • Teg Sport Bag design with cinchable cotton drawstring cord
    • Eco-friendly, biodegradeable, tight-weave, jute fabric
    • Can be worn as a backpack or sling over one shoulder
    • Sport Bag measures 14" high x 17" wide
    • 15 pound weight limit
    • Eco-friendly, water-based ink design
    • Design: Dark Blue/Light Blue Koi Fish pattern
    • Design imprinted on both sides of bag
    • Item can be spot washed and ironed. Do not machine wash.
    • by TUWA

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