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Jade Travel Mat 68"

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Jade Yoga

    Thin Natural Rubber Travel Yoga Mat  :  By Jade Yoga (1/8" thick)

    This eco-friendly yoga mat is a thin natural rubber yoga mat that makes for the perfect lightweight travel mat. This travel mat will roll up to conveniently fit in your suitcase without taking up much room.  Thin enough for travel, yet cushioning and supportive for your practice.

    Being 1/8” thick, this thin yoga mat allows a closer connection to the earth giving you more stability in your practice whether at home or on the go!  Being made of natural rubber, it offers extra cushioning as compared to a 1/8” thick PVC mat so it provides more comfort and support at the same time.

    The Jade Travel Mat is ideal for yoga at home or for travel; and it’s a great travel Pilates mat or exercise mat to provide grip, a hygienic barrier to hotel floors, and some cushioning over commercial-grade carpet while still maintaining stability and balance.

    Even when wet from perspiration, this thin yoga mat has unbelievable traction allowing for a worry-free practice. This mat also has a sturdy mesh interior that is tear-resistant and extremely durable. We advise you to keep your mat out of the sun for years of enjoyment. This eco-friendly travel yoga mat is made of natural rubber which is photodegradable.  UV rays will damage the mat, so don’t leave your travel mat the back seat of your car or by a window at your hotel room!  Excessive heat may also affect the composition of this mat, so please be cautious when leaving in the trunk of your car on hot summer days.

    Made in the USA, this eco-friendly mat is made of open call, natural dry rubber.  These mats contain no PVC or other synthetic rubbers and although they are 99% latex free, there may be trace amounts of latex proteins found.  Jade Yoga recommends that people with latex allergies avoid this mat. The natural rubber is a renewable resource, tapped from well-cared for rubber trees and contains no ozone-depleting substances, the perfect mat for yogis concerned about the environment.  Jade Yoga gives back and for every mat purchased a tree is planted in the rainforest!  (see below for more information)

    Product Features

    • Mat measures 68" L x 24" W x 1/8" Thick
    • Mat Weight: 3.4 lbs
    • Made of natural rubber
    • Benefits: Superior grip, sustainable, environmentally friendly, contains no PVC or synthetic rubber, easy to transport, ultra thin
    • Possible color choices include: Midnight Blue, Olive, Purple, and Sedona Red
    • Caution:  Photodegradable, may contain latex
    • Made in the USA
    • by Jade Yoga

    Wash & Care Instructions 

    Hand wash with cold water and mild soap.  Rinse thoroughly and hang or lay flat and allow to dry completely. Avoid exposure to direct and indirect sunlight and to excessive heat. 

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    Buy a Mat. We Plant a Tree. ~~ from Jade Yoga
    "While it has always been our goal to make the best performing yoga mat on the market and we are very proud that Harmony is made with natural rubber, a renewable resource, contains no PVC or ozone depleting substances and is made in the United States in compliance with US environmental laws -- we felt we could and should do even more. We looked for a partner to help us give back to the earth and found Trees for the Future to be the right choice. What we like about Trees for the Future is that they work with local communities on projects that are environmentally and economically sustainable. They are not about going in and dictating what they are going to do, doing it and walking away. They engage the local community which leads to a project that can continue long after Trees for the Future has left. Trees for the Future works to develop and implement programs to improve living standards for the participants, by the careful management, rather than the exploitation, of our natural resources. Through this partnership with Trees for the Future, we plant a tree for every yoga mat we sell."

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