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Himalayan Salt Sole Drinking Solution Refill

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    Refill for Himalayan Salt Sole Drinking Solution 

    Over one pound of Himalayn crystal salt rocks to refill your Sole Drinking Solution jar.  When the last rock has dissolved in your solution, purchase more salt rocks to continue creating that perfect 26% Sole solution to receive it's many benefits.  No need to replace the jar, just keep re-using it.  The solution stays the same as long as there are crystals in it.  Sole is sterile and can be store for years without it changing or going bad.

    We highly recommend that you store these salt crystals in the original box or in a closed glass container in order to preserve the inherent vibrational pattern.

    Hand-mined and hand-carved for purity and vibrational quality of the salt.

    Product Features

    • Made of 100% Natural Raw Himalayan Salt and contains 84 Ionic Trace Minerals 
    • 17 oz of crystal salt rocks
    • Benefits: Promotes a healthy pH, Re-mineralizes your body, Hydrates, Energizes, Detoxifies
    • by Evolution Salt

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