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Himalayan Salt Cleansing Bar

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    Himalayan Salt Deodorant & Cleansing Bar 

    Evolution Salt products are manufactured from crystal salt that has been deposited in the earth thousands of years ago. These conditions provide a pure, natural product and make for the perfect product for anyone looking for a natural way to heal, cleanse and detox. Himalayan salt is nature's most natural ionizer and is known for its healing powers. 

    Evolution Himalayan Crystal Salt can be used as a natural alternative to conventional deodorant or cleansing for eliminating odor-causing bacteria and when applied wet to the skin, a protective layer of salt works throughout the day to prevent odor caused by the bacteria and sweat. 

    Your skin will stay fresh and clean without clogging your pores. Works well with sensitive skin and is known from its healing properties.  Aluminum and additive free. Can also be used as an anti-bacterial bar that you can use to cleanse your hands and feet before and after yoga practice. 

    Evolution Salt products are hand-mined and hand-carved to maintain the purity of the salt.

    Product Features

    • Weight: 9oz
    • Made of 100% Natural Raw Himalayan Salt 
    • Benefits: Lightweight, Aluminum and Additive free, lasts about a year, works well with sensitive skin, known for healing properties, eliminates odor and bacteria. 
    • Note: Using product under arms that have just been shaved, may cause irriation. 
    • by Evolution Salt 


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