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Himalayan Nasal Cleansing Salt

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    Himalayan Nasal Cleansing Salt for Neti Pot

    Soothe dry nasal passages, gently wash away dust, pollen and other environmental irratants. Naturally remove excess mucus and breathe clearly. 

    When the natural healing properties of Himalayan salt are mixed in a neti pot, it can help reduce with allergies, cold and flu symptoms, sinus congestion and other sinus conditions. 

    This is an extremely safe and natural product using 100% natural, raw, mineral rich, fine grind Himalayan Crystal Salt. Nasal cleansing salt is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease and when starting any new medication or therapy you should always consult with the healthcare provider whose care you are in. 

    Evolution Salt products are all hand-mined and hand-carved to maintain the purity of the salt.  Himalyan Crystal Salt is made of 84 trace minerals, which is almost identical to the set of elements in the human body.

    Product Features

    • Made of 100% Natural Raw Himalayan Salt 
    • 9oz of fine grind salt
    • Benefits: Easy to use, helps flush out impurities, clears mucus, safe to use, naturally cleanses nasal passages
    • by Evolution Salt 


    Mix a ¼ teaspoon of Evolution Salt in 8 ounces of warm water in your neti/cleansing pot; then follow the instructions of the neti/cleansing pot you own.

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