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Half-Round Foam Roller 12"

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J Fit

    Half-Round Foam Roller : By JFit 

    Half-round foam rollers are a versatile tool to incorporate into your balance and strength training. For sports training, they help enhance balance, body awareness, flexibility, and dynamic strength. In therapy or rehabilitation they help with re-education of muscles and proprioceptors (sensors within our body that warn of us of misalignment, such as when we turn our ankles). Incorporate the half roller into many exercises, Yoga poses, or Pilates routines to either provide support, deepen a stretch, or add a challenge.

    The Half Foam Roller provides more stability than a full Round Foam Roller, making it a perfect balancing tool for beginners to intermediate users. Use the Half Foam Roller on either side - with the flat side on the ground for more stability, or round-side down to increase the challenge. Stand on the flat side of the half roller and rock back and forth to stretch the ankles and to build ankle strength.

    The dense, open cell foam construction of these Half-Round Foam Rollers provides firm support for all body types.

    The 12" length offers portability and the option to use two - one under each hand or foot - when doing certain exercises such as push-ups or squats. The 36" length is beneficial when lying on the roller lengthwise for ab and core workouts.

    Product Features

    • Half Round Foam Roller 12" L x 6" W x 3" H
    • Benefits: Dense "open cell" foam construction, sample exercises included
    • Available in red foam
    • by JFit

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    How to Use a 12" Half around Foam Roller.
    • How to Use a 12" Half around Foam Roller
      How to Use a 12" Half around Foam Roller.

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