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Extra Long and Thick Mat 84"

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    Extra Long, Extra Thick Yoga Mat :  84" Long x 1/4" Thick

    This is a fantastic mat for anyone needing more room during their floor exercises. Not limited to just yoga, this mat also makes for a perfect thick Pilates mat!  This extra long workout mat also works great as a men’s yoga mat and can be used for all different types of exercises. 

    You may not know… the “standard yoga mats” are typically 68" in length.  This extra long yoga mat measures 84" long, which provides an additional 16" of mat length!  Plenty of length for anyone up to 7 feet tall.

    With having this extra length, this extra large yoga mat can really provide you with all the room needed transition from pose to pose allowing you to focus on your movements and breathing more easily. Again, a great option for a men’s yoga mat, or a taller yogi.  This large exercise mat allows you the space to deepen in your stretches without worrying about moving off the mat during workouts. 

    As well as being extra long, this extra large exercise mat is also extra thick!  With a 1/4" thickness of support, this mat has twice the cushioning of a standard yoga mat.

    This mat is also a fantastic option for Pilates because it has the support to cushion your knees, wrists and joints as you workout! 

    This extra large exercise mat is made of durable foam with a high-tack surface for stickiness and it is one of the highest quality yoga and exercise mats available. This extra long mat is also extremely durable and easy to maintain. 

    Product Features

    • Mat measures 84" L x 24" W x 1/4" Thick
    • Mat Weight: 4.2 lbs
    • Made of a closed-cell vinyl foam with a durable, embedded fabric mesh
    • Benefits: Textured and non-slip surface, Latex free, extra long, extra thick for your support and comfort
    • Colors available: Blue, Black, Purple

    Wash & Care Instructions

    Because of the closed-cell construction, this extra long mat can be submerged in a bathtub and gently scrubbed with a tiny amount of dish soap in the water to clean.  Hang to dry and enjoy this sticky mat for a long time.

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