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Eco-Friendly Yoga Kit

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Rolling Sands

    Eco-Friendly Yoga Kit : Clean PVC Mat, Cork Blocks and Hemp Strap 

    The yoga mat is the Yoga Monster Mat made from "Clean-PVC". It is made of PER (Polymer Environmental Resin), which is a unique material that is more sensitive to the environment and your health than yoga mats made of standard PVC foam.  This mat does not contain toxic phthalates, dioxins and furans, phenal, or heavy metals and has a ecologically safer method of production which is better for the workers and the environment and most importantly it performs great for all types of yoga with excellent traction and cushion!

    This mat is 72" long and 1/4" thick providing lots of cushion and length.

    The yoga block is a 3" cork block. Cork offers a natural, environmentally friendly alternative to the chemically-made foam blocks. Cork is a sustainable and renewable resource. It is harvested from the bark of the Cork Oak and does not harm the tree, nor does it require any toxic chemicals during harvesting or manufacturing. Yoga blocks made from cork offer a natural, warm, and soft textured look and feel. The texture provides extra traction, and the fact that cork is a slightly porous material, it creates a non-slip surface.

    Optional: Add another 3" Cork Yoga Block to this yoga kit at a discounted rate. Some poses require two yoga blocks. We'd recommend buying two of the same size and same material. Also provided in this basic yoga kit is an 8-foot hemp yoga strap. This yoga strap is woven of natural hemp and provides excellent durability and comfort in an environmentally friendly and biodegradable product.

    Benefits of Hemp:

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Comfortable and durable
    • Unique and beautiful material
    • Hemp fiber is the longest, strongest, most durable, most elastic natural vegetable fiber
    • Hemp won't mildew and is anti-microbial
    • Hemp softens with washing without fiber degradation

    Product Features 

    • Yoga Monster Mat: 72" long x 24" wide x 1/4" thick (by Bean Products)
    • One (1) 3" x 6" x 9" Cork Yoga Block
    • One (1) Hugger Mugger Hemp Yoga Strap: 8' long by 1.5" wide; natural hemp coloring.

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