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Eco-Friendly 3" Cork Yoga Block

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    Eco-Friendly Yoga Block : 3" Oak Cork 

    If you haven’t used a yoga block during practice, here’s some information that may turn you on to trying it. Yoga blocks (also known as yoga bricks) offer three heights to provide support and stability during your practice. Everyone’s flexibility may be differ in various poses, on different days, etc, and you may need a little bit of assistance during specific poses. Your flexibility and strength can actually improve by moving the block from its upright position to flat over time during your practices. This yoga prop can also be used to intensify a stretch, such as when you place it under your hips or back to increase an arch.

    Specifically with this oak cork yoga block, it will allow you to reach deeper into some poses (compared to a 4"), and is smaller and lighter weight for transport and storage. The durability of this eco-friendly cork block gives you the perfect amount of support during transitions and poses.

    Cork offers a natural, environmentally friendly alternative to the chemically-made foam blocks. Cork is a sustainable and renewable resource and is harvested from the bark of the Cork Oak. This does not harm the tree, nor does it require any toxic chemicals during harvesting or manufacturing. Yoga blocks made from cork offer a natural, warm, and soft textured look and feel.

    The texture provides extra traction, and the fact that cork is a slightly porous material, it creates a non-slip surface for both your hands and the flooring, even for sweaty palms. Cork blocks are stable like solid wood, but are light-weight in comparison. These solid yoga blocks are heavier than the foam blocks providing a stable and sturdy prop for your asanas. This cork yoga block has beveled edges for your comfort.

    Recommendation: certain poses may require two yoga blocks. We'd recommend ordering a pair of matching size and material.

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    Product Features

    • Block measures 3" x 6" x 9"
    • Block Weight: 2lbs 3oz
    • Made of sustainable oak cork
    • Benefits: sustainable resource, soft, non-slip texture, beveled edges for added comfort, firmer than foam yoga blocks

    Wash & Care Instructions

    Remove stains with a wet cloth.
    For stubborn stains, use a gentle, organic cleanser.

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