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Eco Burst-Resistant Stability Ball 55cm - Plum

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    55cm Stability Yoga Ball  :  Eco-Friendly in Plum Purple

    These Natural Fitness Burst-Resistant Exercise Balls are versatile in their many uses. From aerobic exercises to strength training and Pilates to yoga, an Exercise Ball (or Stability Ball) can be used to promote core strength for all ages and ability levels.

    As an added benefit, these Natural Fitness Anti-Burst Balls are composed of a non-toxic vinyl. In order to achieve a soft, flexible material, most PVC-based products utilize plasticizers that contain phthalates. These phthalates have been proven to be harmful to the environment and pose health risks to humans. Natural Fitness has developed a non-toxic, phthalate-free plasticizer for their PVC-based products. This new plasticizer is safer for the user and better for the environment.

    Product Features

    • 55cm for individuals 5'1" - 5'7"
    • Burst Resistant up to 300lbs, designed to deflate slowly if punctured
    • Made of Environmentally friendly material
    • Benefits: Proprietary anti-burst composite vinyl contains NO latex or phthalates
    • Kit includes: (1) Burst-Resistant Exercise Ball (1) Exercise Instruction Chart (1) Fast Pump
    • by Natural Fitness 

    HOW-TO Guides 

    Check out our guides for HOW-TO use Stability Balls  with comprehensive videos, articles and tips on Yoga as a practice.

    About Natural Fitness

    Natural Fitness is an eco-friendly yoga and fitness company. Natural Fitness uses a solar-powered web host which captures 100% of its electricity from photovoltaic panels located on its roof, uses all recycled packaging, and finally they plant a tree in the rainforest for each product sold. Planting a tree helps offset the environmental impact from manufacturing and transportation of your purchase. The trees are planted in areas of the rainforest with degraded soils from slash and burn farming, clear-cutting and over-use. The trees help stabilize erosion while rebuilding the soil and protecting nearby streams and rivers. In addition, trees absorb CO2 and other greenhouse gasses while releasing oxygen. These trees also provide important sustainable resources to the local communities such as food, fiber, building materials and fuel.

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