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2000lb Pro Burst-Resistant Stability Ball 85cm - Navy

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J Fit

    85cm Professional Anti-Burst Stability Ball  :  Navy Blue Color

    A large professional anti-burst stability exercise ball that is burst resistant to 2,000 lbs of static pressure or 1,000 pounds of dynamic pressure (for example: bouncing on the ball). The Professional grade gym ball is designed to withstand the most rigorous exercise regimens.

    The 85cm ball is designed for individuals 6'9" and taller. Use as a Yoga Ball, Pilates Ball, Stability Ball, Exercise Ball, or Ball Chair.

    Exercise balls enable you to improve core strength and balance. Incorporate into aerobic exercises, strength training exercises, core workouts, Yoga practice, Pilates routines, and more. Stability exercise balls can be used to promote core strength for all ages and ability levels.

    Sitting on an exercise ball helps achieve better posture while burning calories. The minor movements that occur naturally while seated on an exercise ball engages core muscles that are normally at rest while seated in a standard chair.

    Product Features

    • Burst Resistant up to 2,000lbs static / 1,000 dynamic pressure
    • Designed to deflate slowly if punctured
    • 85cm Ball for individuals 6'9" and taller
    • Available in Navy (Dark Blue)
    • Included in Box:
      • Inflation and Maintenance Guide
      • Measuring Tape to ensure proper inflation
      • Workout Guide
    • Made by JFit

    HOW-TO Guides 

    Check out our guides for HOW-TO use Stability Balls  with comprehensive videos, articles and tips on Yoga as a practice.

    Note from JFit:
    Every JFit Gym Ball is tested for quality construction. Each exercise ball is inflated at the factory and set aside for 12-18 hours to ensure the vinyl wall of the ball is cured and the exercise ball will not leak any air. Additional testing is done before the ball is deflated and prepared for delivery to customers.

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