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13" Balance Disc

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J Fit

    13" Balance or Stability Disc

    Use the 13" Balance Disc (or Stability Disc) to help develop balance & stability. This item can be used when standing, kneeling or sitting. It is also good to increase the challenge of push ups.

    Utilizing the Balance Disc will add a level of instability to your exercise routine causing your body to activate more muscles to maintain balance. Get results quicker. Use during squats, lunges, push-ups, crunches, or even sitting at your desk.

    The JFit Balance Disc is textured on both sides. One side has a knobby texture for a "massage-like" feel, while the other side is a smoother surface but has small bumps to help prevent slippage. Can be used with either side up. Some exercises may require two balance discs to place under your hands or feet.

    Product Features

    • 13" diameter
    • Knobby, non-slip surface on one side
    • Other side is smoother, but still offers small raised bumps to reduce slippage
    • Easy to maintain and clean
    • Inflation level can be adjusted using a ball pump with needle (Included)
    • Can withstand weights up to 350 pounds
    • By JFIT

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