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13" Balance Disc by Natural Fitness

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    13" Balance Disc  :  Eco-Friendly Phthalate-Free PVC

    This 13" inflatable disc is made by Natural Fitness and is manufactured with an eco-friendly vinyl that is latex free and phthalate free.

    Balance Discs (Stability Discs) are used to improve balance, strength and stability. You could use it as a portable alternative to an exercise ball. Sitting on a balance disc helps achieve better posture while burning calories. While sitting on an unstable surface, your body makes minor movements and adjustments that constantly engage core muscles that are normally at rest if sitting in a chair. Standing on a balance disc works smaller muscles, tendons, and nerves which can improve athletic ability.

    One side of the balance disc is knobby. When used against your feet or hands this surface stimulates the nerve endings and acupressure points, improving circulation. Or choose to use the knobby side down to reduce sliding on carpeted surfaces.

    Some of the Benefits

    • Improve balance and add challenge to your workouts
    • Use for balance & strength training and rehabilitation
    • Improve back health and core strength while sitting at the home and office
    • Portable alternative to a Stability/Anti-Burst Exercise Ball

    Product Features

    • 13" Diameter
    • Kit includes: 1 Balance Disc, Exercise Instruction Chart, and a Hand Pump
    • Benefits: Latex-free, Phthalate-free, Knobby texture on one side, smooth surface on the other
    • by Natural Fitness

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    About Natural Fitness

    Natural Fitness is an eco-friendly yoga and fitness company. Natural Fitness uses a solar-powered web host which captures 100% of its electricity from photovoltaic panels located on its roof, uses all recycled packaging, and finally they plant a tree in the rainforest for each product sold. Planting a tree helps offset the environmental impact from manufacturing and transportation of your purchase. The trees are planted in areas of the rainforest with degraded soils from slash and burn farming, clear-cutting and over-use. The trees help stabilize erosion while rebuilding the soil and protecting nearby streams and rivers. In addition, trees absorb CO2 and other greenhouse gasses while releasing oxygen. These trees also provide important sustainable resources to the local communities such as food, fiber, building materials and fuel.

    Rejuvenation Better Balance + Posture balance disc exercise video demonstrating a v-up sit up.
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    • Sequence 4 004 BD SIDE2SIDE PUSHUPS
      Rejuvenation Better Balance + Posture balance disc exercise vi...
    • Balance disk abs
      Quick ab series you can do with your balance disk.
    • Push Ups on the Balance Disk
    • Squats on Balance Disks
    • Lunges on Balance Disc
    • Glute work on the balance disk

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